Shani 10th November Written Episode 4 Complete - Colors, App

Shani 10th November Written Episode 4 Complete - Colors, App

Here we are presenting you the Shani Colors Serial written Episode 4 which was broadcasted on Thursday, 10th of November 2016. If you haven't watched Shani 10th November Episode 4 on Colors, Voot App then you can watch it at 9 Pm. Below we have updated Shani 4th Episode written updates.

Precap of Shani 10th November Episode : Sun rises slowly. Shani was shown holding someones hand. Sunlight falls on his hand and it start burning. Surya Dev tells Chhaya that his son came in his way today. Chhaya worriedly meets Shani. Shani wonders why Surya burnt him when it gives life to everyone.

Shani 10th November 4th Episode Telecast Details

  •     Shani Eріѕоdе 4 Tеlесаѕt Dаtе: 10th November 2016
  •     Tіmіngѕ: 9 pm
  •     Brоаdсаtіng Chаnnеl: Cоlоrѕ TV
  •     Onlіnе: Cоlоrѕ Yоutubе Chаnnеl,
  •     Mоbіlе Aррlісаtіоn: VOOT Aрр

Ways by which you can watch Shani 4th Episode

  • Shani 10th November Episode on Colors TV
  • Shani 10th November Episode on Youtube
  • Shani 10th November Episode on Voot App
  • Shani 10th November Episode on App
Shani 10th November 2016 Written Updates 4th Episode: One of the guys move forward. Are you challenging me? Shani says I am recommending you to leave the wrong way. Don't know why I feel as though Shani is in some issue. The principal fellow is especially terrified as he looks in Shani's eyes. Shani says don't hope to excuse in the event that you do it once more.

Shani sees the main person pursuing and strolls him at a moderate pace however is dependably before the person when he runs. He achieves the edge of the precipice and turns yet discovers Shani coming up the means. Why are you tailing me? Shani answers that he cleared out the place due to fear. Chhaya implores Shani does not venture in daylight no matter what.

Shani takes guarantee from the person that he will stay away for the indefinite future. He slips from the edge yet Shani holds his deliver time. What was the deal? Is everything okay? Surya Dev signals her to be calm. Most likely you dint advise your children not to precede guardians without looking for their authorization. Surya Dev says it does not regard catch discussion of older folks. Surya Dev advises her to think before utilizing her energy as water. Yami conceals somewhat behind her dad seeing her sibling. Why did you get so furious out of the blue?

Surya Dev offers that her child came in his direction today. By what means can a father blaze his own particular child? Surya Dev answers that the individuals who play with flame get singed. What happened, Mata? Did you not hear me? Why are you taking so much time? Room is void from inside. Yami offers that she needed to know where mother goes to supplicate. Yam says father showed today just that we shouldn't do anything without looking for anybody's authorization. His sibling reasons that not each time is for play.

Shani is energetically sitting tight for his mom to turn out or react. What happened today? Is it true that you are okay? Perhaps you are most certainly not. I will need to look in your supplication zone without your authorization. She picks a plate of foods grown from the ground out yet Shani isn't there.

Watch Shani 10th November Episode 4 on Colors Tv Channel at 9 Pm and for Shani Shani 10th November Episode repeat Telecast you need to wait for one day. Colors will telecast the repeat show of Shani 10th November Episode at 12.30 am & 3.00 PM. Stay tuned for Shani 11th November Episode on Colors full written update.


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