Shani 15th November Written Episode 7 Complete - Colors, App

Shani 15th November Written Episode 7 Complete - Colors, App

We came back with the Shani colors serial written episode 7 broadcasted on Tuesday, 15th November 2016. If you are a Shani serial fan and you haven't watched the 7th episode then no need to worry we will tell you what happened in episode 7. You can watch the serial daily ( weekdays) on Colors TV or Voot App anytime according to your convenience anywhere, you just have to download and install Voot app. 

Precap of  Shani Serial 14th November Episode: 

Conceivably we can play there while she supplicates. His kin reasons that not every time is for play. Allow us to have sustenance. Chhaya accomplishes the wild. She changes her dress. Shani is excitedly sitting tight for his mother to turn out or respond. 
You return before diminish every day. What happened today? Is it precise to state that you are alright? Potentially you are assuredly not. Pardon me. I should look in your supplication run without your assent. 
Chhaya is still on her way. Shani heads towards the dull visually impaired. Blinds open precisely when he was going to. Chhaya approaches her kid for what reason she was yelling to her. 
He answers that he felt she might be on some issue. She lies that she was mulling over so she slims down tune in. Why do you look so forsaken? He says I conferred a blunder of breaking your demand. I cleared out wild range and got hurt a bit. She gets concerned. It is genuinely scorched. She blows on his harm. It must torment an awesome arrangement. She cures his harm using her strengths. Does in any case it hurt? 
He signals. It is for clashing with your demand. She approaches him for what substantial reason he did that. He gives everything to her. Light offers life to everyone.

Shani 15th Nov Episode 7 telecast Info 
  • Channel: Colors TV 
  • Online: 
  • App: Voot App 
  • Timing: 9PM 


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