Shani 8th November Written Episode 2 Complete - Colors, App

Shani 8th November Written Episode 2 Complete - Colors, App

Here we are presenting you the Shani Colors Serial written Episode 2 which was broadcasted on Tuesday, 8th of November 2016. If you haven't watched Shani 8th November Episode 2 on Colors, Voot App then you can watch it at 9 Pm. Below we have updated Shani 2nd Episode written updates.

Shani 8th November 2nd Episode Telecast Details

  •     Shani Eріѕоdе 2 Tеlесаѕt Dаtе: 8th November 2016
  •     Tіmіngѕ: 9 pm
  •     Brоаdсаtіng Chаnnеl: Cоlоrѕ TV
  •     Onlіnе: Cоlоrѕ Yоutubе Chаnnеl,
  •     Mоbіlе Aррlісаtіоn: VOOT Aрр

Ways by which you can watch Shani 2nd Episode

  • Shani 8th November Episode on Colors TV
  • Shani 8th November Episode on Youtube
  • Shani 8th November Episode on Voot App
  • Shani 8th November Episode on App
Shani 8th November 2016 Written Updates 2nd Episode: The TV serial Shani is yet to showcase in its first scene how Shani Dev's life must be. A while later, the scene demonstrates that a demeanor of despairing encompasses Suryadev's better half, Devi Sandhya, who is depressed as she can't shoulder the warmth that courses through her significant other's body. She takes an enchantment elixir that can imitate objects from its own particular shadows and uses it to make a clone of her, Chaya.

While the endless war between the Asuras and the Devas proceed with, Shiva chooses to summon the Lord of equity to bring request. Shiva teaches the youngster to be naturally introduced to Suryadev's home and in this manner Chaya brings forth Shani! The scene facilitate showcase of the legendary day by day cleanser Shani that when the creatures touch base there to battle with Indra Dev, only a merciless battle in which Surya Dev additionally takes part.

Rani Sandhya asked Chaya that she is her Chaya so she will be dependably Chaya and she will need to abandon her better half Surya Dev after the sun will be ascend as Chaya just show up after dawn. At the point when Chaya gets her child front of Surya Dev, Surya Dev simply turn outrage as he just shouts on observing her child by saying how my child can be so appalling.

Watch Shani 8th November Episode 2 on Colors Tv Channel at 9 Pm and for Shani Shani 8th November Episode repeat Telecast you need to wait for one day. Colors will telecast the repeat show of Shani 8th November Episode at 12.30 am & 3.00 PM. Stay tuned for Shani 9th November Episode on Colors full written update.


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