Shani 9th December Written Episode Complete - Colors, App

Shani 9th December Written Episode Complete - Colors, App

Watch online all scenes of the Suryaputra Shani from begin to now, check online all the scene from, colorstv, dailymotion and youtube. In today's scene Shani will do his first Judgment as he finds Devraj Indra Guilty he charges to de-crown Indra. While all the Devta were accepting that Guru Shukrachar is the gulity however Shani took remain of Shukracharya and offered Dand to Indra. Get "Kаrаmрhаl Dаtа Shаnі" Cоlоrѕ Sеrіаl wrіttеn uрdаtеѕ оf Eріѕоdе whісh wаѕ tеlесаѕt оn Fridау, ninth оf Dесеmbеr 2016.

Prесар оf Shаnі 9th Dесеmbеr Eріѕоdе : Surya Dev proclaims Shukracharya and Asuras liable. They will be done at this point! Shani strolls in simply then and yells at them to stop. Not Shukracharya but rather Gods made the tempest! A ruler passes on when his crown is expelled! He arranges that Indra Dev's crown ought to be expelled! Indra Dev takes a gander at him irately. Indra Dev evacuates his crown and keeps it in Chhaya's feet. Shani looks on. Gone ahead the correct way or I should do it!

Shаnі 9th Dесеmbеr Eріѕоdе Tеlесаѕt Dеtаіlѕ

  •     Eріѕоdе Tеlесаѕt Dаtе: 9th Dесеmbеr 2016
        Tіmіngѕ: 9 рm
        Brоаdсаtіng Chаnnеl: Cоlоrѕ TV
        Onlіnе: Cоlоrѕ Yоutubе Chаnnеl, Hоtѕtаr.соm
        Mоbіlе Aррlісаtіоn: VOOT Aрр

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Shani 9th December 2016 Written Update

Shani holds his mom's hand. Believe me, no power on the planet can isolate me from you, be it the dimness of tempest or Surya Dev's light! Chhaya takes a gander at him in stun. Step by step instructions to let you know that Surya Dev will most likely do what he has chosen! I can't see you leaving from me. I should converse with Surya Dev.

Master Shukracharya's supporter offers to run with his Guru as witness. Shukracharya says that isn't essential. I need just a single individual to be there. It is Shani. Indra will be demonstrated blameworthy tomorrow if Shani will come there. His pupil asks him for what valid reason he trusts Shani to such an extent. He is additionally a God. Shukracharya says I trust Mahadev. I have seen Shani's eyes. He will just bolster truth. His supporter inquires as to whether he is certain about it. Shukracharya gestures. Shani will bolster truth and not Gods. He should come there.

Surya Dev educates somebody for tomorrow's prepares. Chhaya comes there. Surya Dev says I know why you have come here. She asks him for what reason he took such an extreme choice. How might you choose to isolate a child from his mom! He says your child dint take after the guidelines. He bolstered the individuals who attempted to assault you. Chhaya reasons that he took a chance with his life to spare her. How might you question him? I comprehend your agony. I have an answer for this. On the off chance that you need Shani to be close you then ensure that Shani does not come in Devsabha tomorrow. On the off chance that he comes there then I too wont have the capacity to change my choice. Chhaya gets considering.

Shani is strolling absentmindedly. Kakol thinks to accomplish something to make himsmile. He rubes stones against each other. Shani asks him what he is doing. Kakol says I am attempting to light fire. I couldn't help you amid tempest. I can just fly. I was intuition to take in some approaches to spare myself or others for next time. I will have the capacity to help you next time then. Who do you believe is genuine guilty party – Indra Dev or Shukracharya? Shani answers that he is as yet thinking on this matter. Kakol lets him know not to joke. I know you have settled on a choice. Shani denies. I haven't achieved a conclusion. I will require some serious energy. Kakol says why it requires investment for you to think, and for me to light fire. He asks for Agnidev to help him lastly prevails with regards to lighting fire. He enthusiastically talks about his triumph. Shani takes a gander at it. What did you do? Kakol says I dint do anything. He blows at flame. Shani says I found an answer!

Indra Dev comments that it is astonishing. You (Shukracharya) went ahead time to hear your discipline. It is great that you comprehend the estimation of time. Shukracharya says I am a long ways behind you in that. You dint take even a moment to assault me on my back. Indra Dev helps him to remember his environment. Indra Dev asks Shukracharya what he is taking a gander at. Possibly you wont go from here alive today. Shukracharya says I don't question my truth. I have confidence in equity and the person who does it. He gets some information about his child. Surya Dev gets annoyed. It will be beneficial for him till the time he wont come here. Shani is going to Devsabha when he meets his mom in transit.

Shani looks for his mom's gifts. She says I have come here to request you. You wont go in Devsabha. Shani says I should go. On the off chance that I don't go then a blameless may get rebuffed. How might I give bad form a chance to happen?

Shukracharya says Narad Muni is additionally a God. Surya Dev instructs him to quit trusting Mahadev as well on the off chance that he questions Narad Muni. Mahadev is likewise a God. Narad Muni is likewise far from any connection like him. Do despite everything you have an uncertainty? Shukracharya denies. Narad Muni thanks everybody for giving him a chance to judge this meeting. I can't remain at one place for long. How about we not squander time. Simply let me know whether it was Shukracharya who made the tempest? Shukracharya gestures. I did yet! Narad Muni instructs him to answer that what is inquired. Did you make it? Shukracharya answers decidedly. Indra Dev includes that it demonstrates that Shukracharya is the offender here.

Chhaya says I don't know in regards to equity or bad form. I administer to my child. I need to see him close me generally. Can I not arrange you? Is your privilege just to do equity for others? Is it accurate to say that it isn't likewise your obligation to listen to your mom? Shani says in the event that it is in regards to obligation then it is likewise my obligation to ensure my mom. How might I excuse the one on account of who my mom's life was in hazard? Pardon me however I should go in Devsabha!

Shukracharya says I made the tempest yet it wasn't my concept of assault. Narad Muni asks him who arranged it then. Dint you plan to assault Vishwakarma royal residence? Shukracharya says it was yet there was another explanation for it. Shukracharya is calm. Indra Dev requests that he tell the reason. Then again did Mahadev request that you be peaceful? Shukracharya recollects Mahadev's words. Narad Muni requests that he talk up. Shukracharya says I need to call a witness. He was available then and he ought to be here today as well! Where is Shani? Surya Dev instructs him to demonstrate his point here. This Sabha is for senior citizens. Children aren't required here. Shani wont come here.


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